Really, Mom?

So I'm in the process of moving (which sucks balls, btw) and my parents gave me a bunch of boxes. There is one that is labelled: Antique Hull vases. What is an Antique Hull vase and do my parents really have enough of them to require a huge-ass box to put them in? Inquiring minds want to know...
panic and freak out


So, I'm catching up on the last few episodes of this season's Criminal Minds and I'm watching the intro to this episode and am thinking, "huh. I wonder if we've ever had a serial killer here." and then JJ starts talking and is all, "this is Doris Archer, she's the third woman to go missing in Boise, Idaho this year." Weird.

Mostly I was wondering because the unsub is wandering through a house with an alarm system and I cannot think of a single person who actually HAS a house alarm here. I'm sure there are some. I just don't know any.

And now I'm going to watch and see how badly they screw up while referencing my city. *snerk*

show choir kills

It is an endless source of amusement to me that certain critics don't think Glee is realistic enough.



And, uh, also, hi? I just realized that I haven't posted here for almost a year, wtf? Life's been sort of whirlwind-ish for a while. Perhaps I'll update on that or something later.

God, I've missed this place. ♥

and I say to myself, "what a wonderful world"


My day just got 500x better.

Also, bonus Deadpool in the comments.

Seriously, why do I not have a Deadpool icon? This oversight needs to be rectified immediately. Or, you know, when I actually have some time to upload shit. meh.
drugs gone (marishna)


I'm sure everyone's heard about the Twilight Barbie set by now, right? Here:

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I don't know whether I'm more disturbed by the fact that Edward looks like Rick Astley (a glittery, shimmery Rick Astley; hey, Bella, he is NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP) or the fact that BarbieBella seems to have more life and expression than any Twilight promotional pic of Kristen Stewart ever. Or maybe I'm just disturbed that this shit exists at all. I just can't tell anymore.
mockworthy Cruise (alexielnet)

"Not on my watch!"

There shall be no destroying of the sun on John Turturro's watch, people. None. *snerk*

Seriously, though, I am deriving great joy from Ebert's review of the new Transformer's movie. It is a thing of unadulterated hilarity. It's difficult to discern which is my favorite part, but it might be this:

"The plot is incomprehensible. The dialog of the Autobots, Deceptibots and Otherbots is meaningless word flap. Their accents are Brooklyese, British and hip-hop, as befits a race from the distant stars."

Yis. It's over here if you wanted to check it out for yourself.
ADD (im_so_awkward)

wait, WHAT??

Apparently there are rumors of a Daredevil reboot (that would, for all intents and purposes, NOT SUCK). Now, this makes sense, because it's Marvel and they seem to be okay with doing this every once in a while (Hulk, anyone?).

That is not what has me on squee-mode. Because, quite frankly, I'm only interested in Daredevil when Deadpool is forcing him into therapy through beatdown. Apparently, rumor has it that Katee Sackhoff has been tapped for Typhoid Mary. STARBUCK, YOU GUYS! AS TYPHOID MARY!! Oh, the glorious insane havoc she shall wreak.

Dear Marvel Gods,

I have not been a good girl AT ALL this year, but please grant this to me anyway. Suddenly, although I have never considered this casting at all before, I need it desperately.

Thank you,


And now I'm done spamming your flists for today. Sorry.
the truth is out there (im_so_awkward)

A Real American Hero

Oh my god, you guys, this movie is going to suck SO HARD. If the previews were not enough to cement that prediction, they released this poster:


There are so many things wrong with this, I don't even know where to begin. Wow. Just. Wow. It's been a while since I've seen a movie poster full of such tremendous awful. Is Storm Shadow draped in a towel?? Is he preparing for intergalactic hitchhiking? (note: I would totally watch that movie) And perspective seems strangely off there. IDEK. I can only hope that the movie is a pit of suck that brings delightful mockery. And not the kind that is simply bad and sort of boring.
Darth Keanu (imsoawkward)

what's the deal with my brain; why am I so obviously insane?

You know, for someone who took the weekend off and only worked two days this week, I am pathetically grateful for another two days off. Yesterday was hell. Pre-Christmas type hell. First of all, there were only two of us, so I was by myself until 1:15. Which, it's TUESDAY. That's not supposed to be crazy busy. And for the rest of the store it wasn't. But my department had 20 people in it pretty steadily until around 4 or so.

I multi-task pretty well. But I am ONE person and, as such, cannot ring 5 people up, answer moronic questions on the phone that never stops ringing, fit 3 people at once, do price checks/item locater bullshit, AND help people on the floor all at the same time. My sales goal was $1200. I walked out with $3000 in sales. That's a LOT of bras and panties, yo. (for reference, the highest price bra we carry is, like, $65. and most of what I was ringing was B2G1 bullshit)

In other news, this weekend was EXACTLY what I needed. Although I did have to run into work on Saturday because I'm a moron who left her debit card in the drawer. I hadn't realized how completely dependent I am on that thing until I left it somewhere.

Also, we went to see the new Trek film. Now, I'm a Star Wars girl and, while I appreciate the campy fun of TOS, I've never really gotten into the franchise. I'm familiar with it, but it's just not really my thing, you know? But I think that's the most fun I've had watching a movie in a long time. Pine somehow managed to capture Kirk's swagger and charm and unerring ability to provide watching enjoyment by getting punched in the face a lot. Seriously, I enjoy watching that dude get hit. IDEK. Also, Zachary Quinto is preternaturally pretty. Fact, ya'll. And Karl Urban was a delight, and I really love John Cho and, of course, Simon Pegg. I would totally watch it again in theaters. And that's not something I say all that often.

And now I have to go get cute because Mom arranged for the kid and me to have our picture taken. meh. I get that it's important to document these things, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.
mockworthy Cruise (alexielnet)

Peter Petrelli: the dude who cannot claim an appropriate emotional response to ANYTHING

Somehow, three seasons in, and I'm just NOW realizing that I can blame Jeph Loeb for Heroes. Just now. Christ, I'm perceptive. I guess I just don't pay any attention to writers/producers/etc. I maybe should start doing that.

Now, he can't claim credit all on his own, but c'mon. It's Jeph Loeb. Jeph Loeb, for whom continuity and consistent characterization are silly little things that he, quite frankly, simply cannot be bothered with. (If you are requiring demonstration of these astounding skills, plz see his run on Ultimates. Wtf.)

This brings me untold joy, you guys. And perhaps makes getting woken up BEFORE EIGHT AM on a SATURDAY when I don't have to be in until ELEVEN, a little bit better. Maybe. (ohgod, my head)